Serviceform Features

All the features you need to manage your service business

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses to ensure that we have the right tools in place.

Easy to Use Form Builder

We have built an innovative and easy to use form builder that supports almost any need you could think of. Give it a go.

Payment Processing

We process payments through Stripe. It's easy to set up and start processing payments. Stripe fees range from 1.4% to 2.9%.

Dynamic Pricing

Every choice your customer makes can be set to affect pricing. Build complex, or simple pricing strategies.

Calendar and Availability

Easily manage availability, through our industry leading calendar. Easily integrate to Google Calendar.

Staff Management

Manage your staff availability through a scheduler app. See your day in one glance.

Automatic Quote Generator

Even without showing prices, you can automatically send quotes to your customers.

Conditional Logic

Every question you ask, can skip or jump over another question. Create personalised forms with ease.

Email Notifications

Notify your respondents with custom emails, you can set up complex email workflows, or send your mother a copy of every submission.

Event and Ticket Management

Manage events, and tickets through the same tool. You can create events and set maximum attendee counts.

Email and SMS Reminders

Remind your customers of incoming events or bookings with SMS or Email reminders.

Form Statistics

Every interaction anyone does with your form, will get recorded. See where they drop off and what to improve.

Facebook Embed Tool

Easily embed your Serviceforms on Facebook. Get customers you normally wouldnt reach.

Lead Qualification

Set values to each question and automatically qualify your leads. Save time, and convert faster.

99.9% SLA

We give every form a 99.9% SLA guarantee. If you get less, you get your money back.

Social Proof

Use customers actions as social proof on your website to drive even more traffic.

Request a demo

Tell us what you are looking for and we will build you a free personalised demo for your website.