Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Would you like to do it yourself or for our professionals to help you get the best results.

Do it yourself
Tools to build chatbots, exit-intent popups, multi-step forms and livechat.

Perfect for developers and marketers.
o Full Serviceform toolset (Read below)
o Single domain
o Simple, clean builder tools
✔ Save $120 yearly
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Serviced plans
Plan for businesses who want to grow leads and conversion on their websites. No work required, Serviceform handles planning and installation.
o 1 Chatbot, planned and installed
o 1 Exit-intent popup
o 1 User account
o 1 Yearly optimization
✔ Save $360 yearly
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Plan for businesses who want to automate and support their marketing, grow more leads and improve their online customer experience.
o 2-4 Tools, planned and installed
o Advanced analytics and statistics
o 2 User accounts
o 2 Yearly optimization calls
✔ Save $720 annually
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For businesses and marketers who want the best possible solution or a custom configuration.

We will plan together with you an automation package to support your marketing and customer service.

o Full installation service
o AI-powered chatbots specifically trained
o Integrations
o SLA & Custom security
o Facebook, Instagram ja WhatsApp
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Plan descriptions
Do it yourself
> Create chatbots, inlinebots and content bots
> Create dynamic lead and exit-intent popups
> Create conversational forms
> Send leads and contacts to the right people in your team
> Livechat
> One user ($20/additional user/month)
> Conversion toolset statistics
> Insights (Website analytics)
> Customer management tool (Mini CRM)
> Webhooks integration (e.g. Zapier)
> Integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook.
> Payments and subscriptions via Stripe
> Add custom CSS and Javascript
> Pixel per domain
> Unlimited do-it-yourself toolset
> Design, planning and installation of a single automated assistant (chatbot) and an exit-intent popup
> One user account ($20/additional user/month)
> Livechat
> Send leads and contacts to the right people in your team
> Customer management tool (Mini CRM)
> Statistics and website analytics
> Adding any custom CSS and JavaScript
> One yearly optimization meeting
> File upload (5GB)
> Monthly results report
> Website installation via GTM or Plugin
> All features of the basic plan
> Design, planning and installation of 2-4 tools
> Translations of upto two languages
> Two users ($20/additional user/month)
> Zapier and Webhooks integration
> Two yearly optimization meetings
> File upload (5GB)
> Personal Customer Success Manager
> All features from the PRO plan
> Design, planning and installation of unlimited tools
> Conversational (AI) chatbot with trained customers intents
> Use external AI backend systems (Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Serviceform NLP, etc)
> Search functionality in the livechat and chatbot
> Livechat integration with online shopping carts
> Calendly integration
> CRM integrations
> Facebook chatbot
> 99.9% SLA and separate data management
> Onboarding and training for larger teams
Serviceform worked closely with our team, implemented chatbots and analytics, and was able to help us grow leads quickly. We started receiving more seller leads from the first day.
Anssi Kiviranta
Co–Founder, Bo LKV
The implementation was fast and service has been very friendly. If you are thinking of working with conversational marketing platform, I recommend the Serviceform team 100%.
Cristina Barrabés Martínez
Marketing manager, Aincat
Serviceform has always lived up to what it promises. From the first conversations to the monitoring of the tool, they are always attentive, understanding our needs and providing solutions.
Olga Sala
Director of Marketing, Monapart
How does your service work?

We work with companies to increase their understanding of their website visitors, and lead generation through tools and service.

Mainly we work with mid-to large size companies, but we offer plans for small businesses and startups as well.

Can I just use one tool?

Yes you can. You can choose to use just our Insights, Dynamic Forms, or Chatbots features. Your price will be configured based on your usage.

Can I integrate this to my existing toolset

Yes you can. We integrate directly with most ERP's and CRMS. We also provide integrations through Zapier and webhooks.

Do you support GDPR?

Our tools are fully GDPR compliant, and we have been audited in Europe. Our data servers are based in Frankfurt. We also do on-premise data installations on request.

Can I try for free?

Unfortunately we do not offer free trials of our software. We do however provide a free call where we will run through the software with you.

What's special about you?

Our tools work very well as a suite. Serviceform Insights tells you exactly what your users are doing, while our conversion tools actually work to convert your visitors.

Five premium marketing tools

Our tools are built for increasing conversion and helping you understand your website visitors. You can use one, or a suite of all our tools combined.

Chatbot and Livechat

Create chatbots that feel human and fill your business requirements.

We work with brands to create lead generation, customer support and multichannel chatbots.

Connect with Livechat, and host up to thousands of agents. Encrypt all conversations and host on your own servers. Combine all channels to one platform.

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Serviceform Insights

Our analytics tool focuses on every user, their path and is focused on conversion, not traffic.

Track the paths your customers took to form submissions or button clicks you consider important.

Create A/B tests and split tests, without any code. Easily follow which variation is performing better.

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Dynamic Forms & Popups

Create conversion optimised multi-step forms for buying services, products or gathering leads.

Create non-interruptive exit popups, individual user contact forms and a lot more.

Process single payments or recurring subscriptions through Stripe.

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Interactive Buying Experiences

Create Interactive User Experiences for your products and services.

Explain your products and services with changing visuals.

Generate highly qualified and interested leads through conversations.

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InlineBots and ContentBots

Create conversations that engage your users inside your content. Place in blogs, articles or inside your website. Another layer of lead generation.

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