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Convert your traffic into more leads with a real estate chatbot and dynamic forms

Convert more of your visitors into valuations, create more sales and signups utilizing our chatbots, dynamic forms and multi agent live chat.


Perfect for real estate companies that want to capture more leads, schedule sales demos and provide support.

Create more leads
Real estate companies use our live chat and dynamic chatbots to route and convert up to 3 times more leads from their website.
Schedule inspections
Automatically schedule your inspections, open houses or inform of housing development projects.
Support customers
Support your customers with live chat and chatbots by automatically directing them to the right information, forms and more.

Convert your traffic into valuations


Create conversational modern online forms for valuations, booking inspections and a lot more. They work on all devices and can also be used for payments, donations and recurring subscriptions.


Engage your visitors through conversational real estate chatbots. They will create conversations and extract information from your customers taking it a level higher from what the forms can do!

Save time by scheduling

Manage booking valuations, housing development events and assign your real estate agents to the right customer based on your criteria. Make sure you have control and statistics over sales appointment counts.

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Support your customers

Make sure your customers find what they are looking for. All your forms can be built with Serviceform and signed eletronically by your customers. Our chatbots can help your visitors to find the right information fast, and saving your time.

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Bring your online lead generation to the next level