Our Story

We are all passionate about building the best tools for small business.

It all started when Iranthi and Jarkko started running a coffee catering service business in Melbourne. It was from that they realised the pains and struggles of running a small business.

Customers enquiring the same service over and over again. Them spending unnecessary effort and time sending the same price quote over and over again. Running into cashflow problems with customers paying late. Running into communication problems with employees using multiple tools that was all over the place. It was all a mess!

That’s when they decided to change the traditional approach of how local services are being booked. Creating ServiceForm, to allow business owners to package their entire service offer into one form, where they can use it to convert visitors from their website, social media and affiliate networks.

The business owner can spend most of their time doing the things that matter and foster better relationships with their customers. Whilst providing specific and up to date information to shoppers who are interested but not yet ready to make an immediate purchase and won’t be neglected in letting them know what is being offered.

Iranthi and Jarkko are currently based in Finland.

Meet our founders

We are all passionate about building the best tools for small business.

Jarkko Oksanen


Responsible for the tech, full-stack developer. Built multiple businesses.

Iranthi Gomes


Filled with positive energy, loving exploring the world and solving problems.

Kari Oksanen


Lover of aeroplanes and receipts while being a master builder and repairer of anything and everything.