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Serviceform helps you take control of your business so you can drive more revenue and grow your profits through online scheduling solution.

Intake Forms Feature
Clients can add request, or answer questions through SERVICEFORM appointment booking system. This information will be stored with clients’ booking details, which can help you to prepare before appointments.

Calendar Sync
If you already have your order booked in your calendar, don't worry, we can sync our online scheduling software with your calendar. You can also have multiple calendars, for example, for different staffs in your business.

How does this work?

You can work with all or a single feature. You decide.

Increase your contact form conversion by 2-3x.

Collect leads

Replace your contact form with a ServiceForm that generates 2-3x more leads. You can also use the form on any page. The form also works as a Facebook tab.

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Clear pricing & availability even for complex services

Manage Pricing & Availability

Allow your customers to buy directly, as you can set pricing and availability with our form logic. We also have a backend calendar where you can manage your availability.

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Use your leads and purchases as social proof

Reviews into social proof

Every action on your website is recorded, and can be used as social proof. We also automate review emails to your customers. This is GDPR validated. Social proof can help conversions 20-30%.

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Your journey onto productising your entire service business into one simple powerful form.


To build a Serviceform, all you need to do is sign in, and select a template.

You can then configure your questions and conditionality to be just as you wish.


To place Serviceform on your website or your Facebook page, just follow the simple instructions.

Serviceform will function with mobile browsers just as well as on the desktop.


You're now ready to convert. All of your customer reviews can now be used as social proof.

Handle your data as you see fit by using our integrations to third parties.

Who uses serviceform?

Serviceform is a great solution for all types of service businesses. We help customers to buy from you directly, and increase website conversions.