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How the booking system looks

You can find examples of booking systems that our customers have built. These are all from several industries and used by our actual customers.

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Booking System Works With

You can simply embed our booking system in most website builders, or add a snippet in your HTML. You can also use our booking page.


We are proud about our customers, and work hard to make sure they are happy in the long term.

"I've gotten over 1800 bookings in the last 5 months."
Louise Benning - Totcity
"I save a lot of time with automated quotes from bookings online."
Patrick Jaeger - Wheelys Melbourne
"I was surprised that people actually book charter flights online."
Charter Flights
Edward Mshoi - Peoples Aviation

Why should I choose Serviceform Online Booking System?

Our founders build the online booking system to help their own business. Then we talked to hundreds of small service businesses and enterprises to make sure the solution fits all the needs of different types of small to large businesses.

Will you take a commission?

No, our fees are simple, transparent and very un-surprising. Check them out here.

Will this work for small businesses?

Small businesses make a large portion of our customers, and we have made sure its understandable and easy to use from small to large businesses.

Do you have a CRM?

Serviceform has a very simple CRM built in which allows you to list your customers, and see basic statistics and information about them.

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