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What is Serviceform?
Serviceform is a simple tool that helps businesses make the most of out of their online advertising budget by reaching their leads instantly.

Use serviceform to capture leads through dynamic forms and chat bots, qualify those leads based on simple criteria, and auto generate quotes based on that criteria to get in touch with your customer instantly. Finally, all user activity that happened throughout the process can be showcased as social proof to encourage new visitors to buy.

You can also process payments to confirm a booking instantly and communicate your availability. This has proven to increase conversions by 2-3x and reduce the back and forth with your customer.  

What is a Serviceflow?

Service businesses fail to communicate their service offering in a customer friendly way. Through creating a serviceflow, you can ask your customers simple questions, one at a time to find out what their requirement is. Building a serviceflow, provides two different ways to capture leads, through dynamic forms called serviceform and chat bots called servicebot.

What can I use Serviceform for?
You can use serviceform to ask questions effectively just like in a conversation. It is for any business in the service industry. From photography, banking, events, plumbing, accounting, etc. 

Who is Serviceform for?
Serviceform is for anyone in the service industry. It is for businesses that wants to communicate their service offering in an effective manner with an instant booking process, with visible and hidden pricing.

Creating a serviceform to fit your business is very easy. We have a large collection of specific service industry templates. You can select your preferred industry from the list of ready-made templates and customise it to suit your business, or create your own from scratch.

Photographers, cleaners, caterers, web developers, online marketers and many other service providers use Serviceform. 

Where can I use a Serviceform?

Once you create a serviceform, you can embed it anywhere on your website. You can also add the serviceform on to your Facebook page to drive more traffic.  

Do I need to know how to code to use Serviceform?

Absolutely not! Creating a Service is simply done by dragging and dropping the questions and arranging them in the right order you want them. You can also change the design to suit your website and branding. Once the serviceform is created we provide you with the code and all you have to do is copy and paste the code on to your website. If you are not sure how to do it, we have explainer guides to easily run you through it. You don't have to learn to write a single line of code, we'll guide you through all the way.

Is my data safe with Serviceform?

We take the security of your data very seriously. All Serviceform links and embed codes are secure (SSL) by default. We also comply with GDPR laws. 

What languages do Serviceform support?

You can create serviceforms in any language. Our interface currently supports English.  

How much does Serviceform cost?

We have 3 different plans and all plans let you simplify your entire service business into one serviceform. Our pricing page will tell you everything you need to know about the different plans we offer.  

Who is behind Serviceform?

Serviceform was founded by Iranthi Gomes and Jarkko Oksanen during late 2017. Before starting Serviceform, they ran a small service business and faced through many challenges of any small service business owner who has an online presence. They created Serviceform to help small service businesses thrive.

Can I integrate serviceforms with applications I use?

Yes, you can integrate serviceform with your favourites apps. Such as Google sheets, Mailchimp, Slack and more.  


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