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What are Question types?

You create your serviceflow out of question types. You can find a list of question types on the serviceflow editor. 

Below are the list of question types that you can use to create your serviceform. You can also find a short description of each screen next to the image.


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.37.37.png



The Yes/No element by default allows only one answer selection - either 'yes' or 'no'. After selecting the Yes/No element, you can add more answers through 'Add option' and edit them to give users more choices to choose from. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 18.38.11.png

Multi Select

The Multi select element allows users to choose multiple answers from a question.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 19.05.44.png

Short text

A Short text element provides space for an answer of a single line. It helps you validate a response in an expected format, for example, a phone number, date of birth, etc. You can also choose the character limit from 0-255 characters.

Long text

A Long text element is perfect if you want people to write long answers. You can choose a character limit and if you don't wish to have a character limit, answers can be unlimited in length as people want.


The Email element provides a text field to only accept email addresses in the correct format. This allows you to validate if it is an email address. If someone filling the form tries to add text in a different format, they will be asked to enter it in again.


The Website element allows you to collect websites or any other links from your respondents.


You can add prices to certain elements you create. We have enabled dynamic pricing and it means that you can ask multiple questions with multiple options with various prices. And based on the different options your user selects until the completion of the serviceform, they will the final total amount that needs to be paid according to what they have selected. Click here to read more on how to add pricing.

Here is a list of elements where you can add prices are to; 

Select one

Multi select

Select list

Select list

The Dropdown element allows you to choose a single option from a drop down list. This is a neat way to ask a question that has lots of anwers to choose from. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 19.18.33.png

File Upload

The File Upload element provides an upload field to allow your users upload any file. The file can be a photo, document or a video in any format. The file size must be 10MB or less. Once files are uploaded and submitted by users, you can download them via the Responses page.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 19.27.14.png


Through Serviceform you can charge your users or customers for the products and services you sell and also accept charity donations if you run a not-for-profit organization. We provide dynamic pricing with certain elements, and once you are done listing the prices for your services, you can add a payment screen to add up the total amount and charge your user or customer. We use a payment gateway called Stripe, that allows you to take payments safely and securely.

Click here to read on how to use Stripe, to find out what you need to set it up and more. 

Date & Time

The Date & Time allows you to ask your respondents to select a date and time. If you only want to use the calendar without the time selector, you can just delete the time selector, and if you only want to use the time selector without the date selector, you can also just delete the date selector. 

You can set up your availabilty to let your respondents know the date and time you are available. We also have multiple calendars if you want to setup availabilty for more than one person or item. You can read here on how to setup and manage your availability.


This allows you to add a legal note/disclaimer to your serviceform, so your respondents can agree to your Terms of Service before submitting the serviceform.

Number range

The Number Range screen is the ideal way to find out 

Summary screen

The Summary screen shows the user with a summary of all the options they selected when completing the form. It will show the question you asked them and the answer they selected. 

Welcome screen

The Welcome screen is the first screen you would have on your serviceform. You can use our default Welcome screen or customize your own. It is also optional to use a Welcome screen to allow your respondents to immediately  dive into filling the form.

Thank You screen

All serviceforms ends with a Thank You screen by default. You can change the thank you message with your personal thank you message.


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