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Best Donation Form Template & Donation System

Start managing your donations online. Start from a template and make it your own.

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Start using a donation system for your non-profit

This form template is an example for a environmental non-profit. Make it your own in minutes.

Every campaign and non-profit needs a form that supports its goal. Making campaigns, donation forms and landing pages should be fun instead of a chore. That's all easy with Serviceform.

Three reasons why Non-profits love Serviceform

Serviceform is used by small and large non-profits globally. We have over 600 users globally. Join the winning team today.

It helps raise more money

Serviceforms simply work great. We have seen up to 5 times improved donation conversion compared to traditional forms.

It helps you manage your donors

Our non-profit customers love how easy it is for them to manage everything through one system. We use Stripe for recurring payments, which helps you get your donations directly to your bank account.

You can create campaigns in moments

Creating fundraising campaigns is time consuming, but with Serviceform you can create and change your donation forms in seconds instead of weeks.

Works With

Works seamlessy with most website or e-commerce solutions.