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Personal Trainer Form Template & Booking Software

Start taking bookings today for your Personal Trainer business. Install in minutes.

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Online Booking System for Personal Trainers

Manage everything through one form: Schedule, hold events, take payments

Serviceform has worked with dozens of Personal Trainers to build software that really helps them run their business. With one form you can manage availability, create appointments, create events, remind your customers and a lot more. Check it out today by simply copying this template, and registering to Serviceform.

Three reasons why Personal Trainers love Serviceform

Personal Trainers are often smaller businesses, and don't want to use multiple tools and software to manage their business. This is where Serviceform is perfect. One tool that works anywhere. We have personal trainer customers using Serviceform in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and around Europe.

Manage Appointments

Instead of relying on a spreadsheets or your their memory, a lot of Personal Trainers have told us that this is their most useful feature.

Generate Invoices and Offers automatically

A lot of personal trainers said that they spend a lot of time creating offers, invoices and quotes for their customers. If you manage your business through Serviceform, it is all automated.

Remind & hold group sessions

Personal trainers often want to remind their customers that their appointments are due. With Serviceform you can also hold group sessions and charge ticket prices from your customers.

Works With

Works seamlessy with most website or e-commerce solutions.