Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to your commonly asked questions.

What is ServiceHired?
ServiceHired changes the traditional approach of how local services are being sold. We are doing that by helping service businesses productise their service offering into one interactive multi-step form. Along with the multi-step form, we provide many tools and features to manage your entire service business.  

What is a ServiceForm?
ServiceForm is one of the products of ServiceHired. It is a multi-step form and booking tool that turns your service offering into a more tangible product. We provide industry specific templates and whilst you can also create your own template from scratch. ServiceForm allows your customers to find specific information about the service you are offering and also book instantly.  

Who is ServiceHired for?
ServiceHired is for any business in the service industry. From photography, banking, events, plumbing, accounting, etc. 

Where can I use a ServiceForm?
Once you create your ServiceForm, you can add the form on to your website, Facebook page, Mailchimp marketing campaigns and our affiliate networks. 

How much does ServiceHired cost?
All our plans let you simplify your entire service business into one form. ServiceHired provides many tools and features to manage your entire service business. Our pricing is productised in a way that you only need to pay for what you want.