Next generation lead tools for catering companies

Get more leads and save time managing your catering company

Get more bespoke enquires and save your time. Automate your proposals and create booking forms that fill your customers needs at different buying stages.


Perfect for catering companies wanting to capture more leads and save time, in order to create bespoke proposals

Capture more leads
Serviceform will help you convert more of your traffic into leads with engaging chatbots, live chat and dynamic forms.
Schedule everything
Schedule your staff to make sure your kitchen knows what equipment is needed and what orders to cook on which day.
Automate proposals
Automatically create beautiful bespoke catering proposals for your leads. Gather deposits. Automatically send customers forms to choose their final menu before their event.

Gather more catering leads, or allow direct online bookings


Filter out the non-serious leads by allowing your customers to request exactly what they want from your website or request a bespoke proposal when needed. Then you can request a deposit, and automatically send final menu requests before their event.


Engage your visitors with chatbots and live chat to create more catering leads. Automatically answer their most pressing questions and filter out the bad leads.

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Automate your business

With Serviceform, you can allow your customers to book online with availability. Manage your availability for your staff, equipment or sell classes and courses.

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Save time with automatic bespoke proposals

You will keep the control in your hands. From every enquiry Serviceform creates an automated proposal, which you can easily edit and and bespoke. Then you can request for a deposit, and automatically send final menu request before their event.

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Bring your catering lead generation to the next level